ABOUT our partners

At ARTTN, our Collaborative Partners work with us to tell the visual stories and to build a meaningful connection between art and impact. Their contribution of ideas, support, dollars, collaborative connections, and so much more is both humbling and energizing.  

We are so grateful and honored to welcome our collaborative partners to the journey known as ARTTN Gallery.

Want to work with us? Send us a note: inquiries@ARTTNgallery.com


What We Do & Why we do it

ARTTN is an online gallery featuring diverse, evocative visual art that informs us, inspires us, and compels us to action by depicting both the truth and the beauty of our world. Every piece sold generates tangible, triple-bottom line impact through the telling of important stories, the sale of art, and the funding of impact through our partnership network.

At this time in history, it is more important than ever to offer visual storytellers a place to tell their stories of loss, courage, hope, and rescue.  And to tell these stories in a way that contributes to solving current global challenges and satisfies our need for knowledge and for action. 

How It Works

We curate one exhibit at a time – each with a unifying theme connected to a relevant cause. Working with our artists, we find and partner with amazing organizations doing life-changing work (aka “impact partners”) related to the images in the gallery.

Original signed limited edition visual art is displayed on the ARTTN Gallery site. For every piece you buy, a significant portion of the net revenue goes directly to our impact partner.  The art is shipped directly to the buyer with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Who We Are

The co-founders of ARTTN Gallery – Michelle Stronz and Anthony Allen — created the gallery as a way to focus visual art on meaningful change.  Michelle brings CEO chops, entrepreneurial know-how, a love of art, and a healthy sense of irreverence to her work. Anthony has the heart of an entrepreneur, the soul of an activist, and the skills to deliver sustainable solutions. 

Our curatorial advisor – David Griffin – is at the top of the food chain in design and photography, having served as Director of Photography at National Geographic and Visuals Editor at The Washington Post. The founder of DGriffin Studio, David works with the most noteworthy publications and photographers on the planet, producing exceptional design solutions.