Free to Be

photoGRAPHs by

Nina Berman  ●  Andrea bruce  ●  RenÉe Byer  ●  Lynn Johnson  ●  Ed Kashi  ●  Amy Toensing


In the inaugural exhibit of ARTTN Gallery, world-renowned photographers explore the beauty, dignity, and humanity of women and children around the world who have lost some aspect (or all aspects) of their freedom. Look into the eyes of the women and children portrayed in the Free to Be exhibit and you will see the story of repression, objectification, and powerlessness.  But if you look closely, you will also see that their physical and emotional bonds do not extinguish their hope; it cannot dampen the love these women and children feel in the presence of each other. These faces are the faces of the displaced, oppressed, and persecuted, but they also reflect our indomitable human spirit.

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Making impact

For the Free to Be exhibit, we are proud to partner with Not For Sale (NFS) in support of their pioneering approach to the critical fight to end modern-day slavery in our time.

Learn more about our Impact Partnership with Not For Sale.


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