Free to Be

In the inaugural exhibit of ARTTN Gallery, world-renowned photographers explore the beauty, dignity, and humanity of women and children around the world who have lost some aspect (or all aspects) of their freedom.  When you buy your original, signed limited edition print from the “Free to Be” collection, at least 10% of the gross revenue will fund a project sponsored by Not For Sale that serves women and children exiting a life as victims of human trafficking in Romania.

Impact Partner:

As a gateway to Western Europe and one of the poorest countries in the European Union, Romania is a haven for traffickers and a nightmare for vulnerable youth. Every year, thousands of men, women and children are trafficked from, within and through Romania, forced to sell their bodies for sex or labor in exchange for little or no money.Since 2011, Not For Sale (NFS) has worked in collaboration with Generatie Terana Romana (GTR) to protect against human trafficking by offering housing and long-term rehabilitation to survivors of modern slavery and at-risk children.

Not For Sale rehabilitates and repatriates survivors trafficked from dozens of countries. They provide short and long-term housing, extensive medical care and counseling. Through legal support, NFS help survivors obtain identification documents or immigration status and assistance taking action against traffickers in court.

At their children’s home, Not For Sale works to prevent up to 100 children from poor, marginalized and at-risk communities from being recruited and trafficked. They offer them a stable, supportive and transitional environment.